12 Dec
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Creating Vintage Inspired Snowmen

I’ve been away sooo long from my blog. I’ve been busy making things and rarely come up for air. I need to learn to balance my time better. Wonder if that will ever happen? Anyway, I was hoping to share some of my latest creations. I love vintage style Christmas items and I love snowmen. Whenever it snows I’m outside ready to build a snow person to guard my door or just hang out, but since it doesn’t snow enough for me here in Asheville, I’ve decided to make paper mache sculpted snowpeople. It’s a lot warmer sculpting these little guys and I can drink hot chocolate and watch holiday movies while I’m creating them. Maybe now I might not miss the snow as much.

Here are a a few of them, I’ll post more of them soon.






paper mache snowman

14 Jan
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Scorpio or Virgo? Personality Crisis Averted

After lastscorpio poster night’s brouhaha over revised astrological charts and an additional new zodiac sign with a challenging pronunciation, I found myself a little peevish over the loss of my Scorpio sign. “But…I’ve been a Scorpio for as long as, hmmm–how long exactly? Oh yea, since I was born!” I thought to myself, “now what? Can I even live up to the Virgo sign?” The very thought of creating neat ordered lists and organizing everything in my life made me seriously doubt it.

Well, it appears that the confusion was short-lived. It turns out that this newest revision apparently is not the zodiac most of us actually follow here in the US. The media was just having its way with us. Imagine. Apparently, after doing a little research I found that we follow a Western tropical zodiac as opposed to the Eastern sidereal zodiac. Since the Western chart follow the equinoxes there are no new changes. The Eastern zodiac follows the constellations and changes with planetary shifts; therefore they gain the new sign. Thankfully, for those of us who are set in our ways and follow the Western Zodiac, no worries, we retain our current zodiac status.

Phew, that was a close one, no need to change my personality after all –and I was just starting to make a list.

17 Oct

Creative is a Verb

I have art in Patti Digh’s newest book, Creative Is A Verb. I am over the moon with joy. It is truly a dream come true for me. Thank you, Patti and Mary Norris, Patti’s wonderful editor at Globe Pequot Press.

I love this book! It is full of beautiful essays with creative applications to real life challenges, intertwined with ideas and prompts to live a more creative life,  and brimming with an inspiring well of creative challenges and exercises. Creative is a Verb is a guidebook for the creative soul that lives inside each and every one of us.

I’d like to share my creative process of illustrating the two essays I was assigned, in a later post. It was a great experience, and one that I’d love to do more often. But, for now, I just wanted to share my news.

Check it out…and look for my art on pages 165 and 111.